6 Reasons Why Email Promoting is very important for Your Business

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Can we begin with the fact that email marketing is NOT dead? It is nowhere near dead. Email marketing is massively debated among the marketing community. Every now and then, we see a headline demonstrating email is no longer the go-to option, but the statistics say the other thing. According to Hubspot, 73% of millennials prefer email communication for business. Email marketing technology is used by 82% of business organizations over any mode of marketing. The phenomenon usually arises when there is a new platform in the industry. Like, as social media networking services. But, we can vouch for email marketing could generate a great return on investment

But, what is email marketing?

A highly effective digital marketing strategy – email marketing is a powerful marketing channel that uses emails to promote your products or services. Email marketing is when you send an email/message to your subscribers(who subscribed to your email list by permitting them to receive emails from you). It is super rewarding as, through a suitable marketing strategy, you can generate leads, build a solid online presence, and ultimately convert the audience into your customers.

What? In that case, why are we getting minimal or no open rates at all?

Fun fact: 99% of people check their mail every day. EVERY DAY!

Then, why is it that your email permanently gets archived, gets reported as spam, or is just left unread? Consumers are checking their emails constantly, but why are they not clicking on your business message?

If you could resonate with the above scenarios, dear boss, the problem is not the channel but the message. How you are delivering is more important than what you are providing. So, how should you deliver the message that generates traction, raises engagement levels, or could convert?

Answer – you need an email marketing strategy. A strategy helps you plan out the path you will be taking to achieve the business objectives. To take your business to the next level, we have listed the advantages of email marketing below.


#1 Gain a Competitive Advantage

For newbies, competitive advantage is something that makes the customers choose you over your competitors. With a powerful email copy, you can leverage the platform to generate more sales than your rivals.

#2 Brand Recognition

Brand awareness or brand recognition is a concept used in the marketing world. It is usually calculated to which extent a consumer can identify your business by looking at the tagline or logo or your creatives on social media profiles. Likewise, you can have your voice in the industry with email marketing. You might have subscribed to a newsletter impressed with either graphics, subject lines, or copy alone. If you want your customers to do the same, you should be different, creative, funky, quirky, or anything at all that makes them see the real you.

To help you strategize your strategy productively, we recommend you start with personalized content. Through personalization, you can customize the content needs according to your audience. Addressing the subscriber by his/her first name in an email is a great way to start. Research says that emails that incorporate the subscriber’s first name tend to have an excellent click-through rate.

The other way to send personalized emails is to segregate your audience based on the stage of the funnel they are at. Based on the stage, you can customize your subject lines, message, Call-to-Action (CTA), etcetera.

#3 Drive Traffic to the Website

Through an effective email marketing strategy, you can also redirect your users to the website which increases the traffic further. When you send an email, make sure a CTA takes the readers to your website. The CTA could be a blog, sign-up, ebook download, cheatsheet, etc.

#4 Email Marketing is Cost-Effective

Email marketing is as inexpensive as you want it to be. Compared to other marketing channels, we can say that this is budget-friendly as you will be paying for only what you have. The cost of email marketing largely depends on the quality of your email list, the frequency of the campaigns, the complexity of the design, and less on the platform you chose to send the emails to because you can email campaigns at zero dollars.

#5 Keep in Touch with the Customers

Remember the phrase, if you do not take care of your customers, your competitors will?

What will happen if you do not add a personal touch to the emails that make your customer feel special? However, the way you do it has to be professional, relevant, and informative. When you send content based on their preferences, they don’t even get the thought of unsubscribing from your email list digital marketing company in Hyderabad.

Our #1 tip to stay connected with the audience is; when they are reading an email, do not bombard them with unnecessary graphics or ads that make them feel annoyed. Email marketing can result in a great return on investment once used correctly. So, instead of always promoting-promote-promote, show them how you do it. The newsletter concepts could be introducing your team, behind the scenes, the launch of new services/products, etcetera.

#6 Easy to Measure

It is essential to evaluate the effectiveness of a campaign that informs you where you are at. Email marketing is no exception. When measured correctly, you can know where you were wrong. Almost every email marketing service provider allows you to go through the conversion rates, click-through rates, and open rates to get the most out of the campaign.

We could go on and on about the advantage of email marketing in your best digital marketing company in hyderabad, but you got the gist of it, right? If not, book a call with us to help you with how email marketing could leverage your bottom line. End of the day, in the business world, results are what matters, and we are confident an effective email marketing strategy could get one.

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