10 Big Google Ads Mistakes That You Need To Avoid

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Spending a considerable amount on campaigns and not getting the desired results is the biggest nightmare of an ads expert.

Google ads mistakes are common if you manage multiple campaigns for several businesses. But we cannot afford to make mistakes as we won’t get the desired results. And no results mean no profits.  

Read the entire blog to learn about a few google ads mistakes you need to avoid in 2022.

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10 Google Ads mistakes that need to be avoided 
  • Not Having a Testing Period for Your Campaigns
  • Random Targeting
  • Having a Tight Budget
  • Choosing Random Bidding Strategies
  • Creating Too Many Ad Groups
  • Not Managing the Keywords
  • Making Ad Copies Very Generic 
  • Having Improper or no Conversion Tracking
  •  Poorly Optimized Landing Page
  •  Applying all the recommendations
#MISTAKE 1 – Not Having a Testing Period for Your Campaigns 

Any campaign, whether paid or unpaid, requires an extended testing period. Running ads without testing can bring a significant loss. Whenever you want to launch a campaign, test it for 7-14 days (suggested) to know if the strategy works. During the testing phase, you can clearly understand the targets, keywords, bidding strategies, and more.  

#MISTAKE 2 – Random Targeting

The biggest mistake in marketing is to think everyone is your customer. Not having a clear idea of the target audience is unacceptable. Before setting up any campaign, make sure to understand where your audiences belong in terms of – geography, demography & psychography. Segregate your audiences into multiple buyer personas to make the targeting even better. 

NOTE – Do not target your entire country at once. Identify the best locations and set a radius to make targeting precise.



#MISTAKE 3 – Having a Tight Budget


Budget plays the most crucial role in an ad campaign. There is no rule on how much you should spend on a campaign, but you can always set the budget based on your goals. It will be challenging if you aim to achieve more results for a lesser amount. Similarly, if you are spending more, you might have a higher cost per result, which is also problematic. That’s why we suggested running a test campaign earlier in this blog. It will help you know your budget.

#MISTAKE 4 – Choosing Random Bidding Strategies 

Wrong bidding can spoil the entire campaign. Bidding strategies need to be set based on your goal. Although google ads provide the privilege of smart bidding, it might not work for every kind of goal. 

Let’s say your goal is to get brand awareness, and you have selected a maximized conversion strategy, which would be entirely a waste of time and money. 

Another mistake that advertisers make while selecting bidding is narrowing down the expenses by mentioning a target CPA. This option should not be used everywhere unless required.

#MISTAKE 5 – Creating Too Many Ad Groups 

After setting up the campaign level, you work on the ad groups. This level is essential as you get to add your keywords.

One common mistake at this level is creating multiple ad groups to get better results. 

The budget distribution becomes uneven when more than five ad groups are made under the same campaign. Each ad group receives a minimal amount. 

#MISTAKE 6 – Not Managing the Keywords 

No keywords, No Campaign. 

Keywords are the fuel to any google ads campaign. Therefore, adding the right keywords is very crucial.

Here are some points to consider while setting the keywords in the ad group level:

  • Do not apply the broad match type to every keyword
  • Keep checking and adding the search terms as keywords
  • Avoid using exact keywords with slight differences – Restaurant in Hyderabad & Restaurants in Hyderabad. 
  • Consider having a negative keywords list – frequently add keywords that are not relevant to your campaign.
  • While preparing the list, consider volume, competition & relevancy.
#MISTAKE 7 – Making Ad Copies Very Generic 

Your audiences read the ad copy and decide if they want to click on your ad or not. To add the keywords in the headlines & descriptions, advertisers usually make the ad copies very generic. There is nothing wrong with it. But these days, your audiences want more than generic content. 

Some tips to make your ad copy better,

  • Add a clickbait
  • Humour is always appreciated
  • Negative sentiment can grab the attention of your audience.
  • Make use of all the placeholders in a responsive ad setup.
#MISTAKE 8 – Having Improper or no Conversion Tracking 

If you can’t measure, you can’t grow!

Let’s say you are running an ad to sell products on your website. But you have not set up the proper purchase tracking. It will be very tough to understand where you are spending your money.  

You can always use your website developer’s help to correctly set up the conversion tracking. They would know where and how to place the tracking code and the website and connect the channels.

#MISTAKE 9 – Poorly Optimized Landing Page 

Landing Page accelerates your audience’s decision-making process. If you have a poorly formatted landing page and lack enough information, your audience likely won’t fulfill an action.

Tip – Add significant keywords to the landing page to make it user-friendly & crawl-worthy.

#MISTAKE 10 – Applying all the recommendations 

Google ads automatically recommend a lot of improvement suggestions but should you be accepting all of them? The answer is obviously no!

Most of the time, the suggestion would indicate to increase your daily budget or change your bidding strategies.

If you think you are getting satisfactory results, then you need not apply all the recommendations. The optimization score can be less than 100%.

Additional tips – 
  1. Check on your daily budgets
  2. Optimize your ad copies often (monthly twice suggested)
  3. Make sure to add extensions
  4. Check for the ad variations
  5. Monitor the location and demographic targets
Closing Lines – 

Google ads mistakes might occur often, but by maintaining the practices mentioned above, there can be significant differences in the campaign. Nevertheless, it might be challenging with ever-changing algorithms and features, but there will be many new things to learn. 

Follow the mantra of – “going with the trend” & generate great results for your campaigns.

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