8 Best On-Page Seo Methods to follow in 2023


SEO is the method of improving the website to position it on the 1st ranking page of search engines such as Google and others. Nowadays, we are developing new web pages every day. The creation of modern websites has grown by more than 600% in the last decade. Keyword analysis and blog articles are not adequate as competitiveness grows harder every day. Here’s a summary of how On-Page SEO methods works in digital marketing in hyderabad.

You’re searching for digital marketing, for starters. When you search on Google, you can notice several digital marketing companies on every search engine with these unique keywords. Additionally, it is critically compatible with search engine analytics as a company owner to allow the firm to grow above all. It is better suggested to partner with any leading SEO company in Hyderabad or your area to take full advantage of this initiative.

In 2023, let’s unfold the 8 Best On-Page SEO methods:

  • Rich Snippets and Featured Snippets.
  • Intensify your Meta-descriptions.
  • Optimized H1 Tags.
  • Developing fresh content with targeted keywords.
  • Giving Images Alt-Tags.
  • Optimize to meet user readability.
  • Better keyword research.
  • Internal linking.


On-Page SEO methods

Rich Snippets and Featured Snippets:

In 2023, you should primarily focus on putting rich snippets in the text. It is the most critical aspect of On-Page SEO.

The most crucial element of Google’s content citation strategy has become rich snippets. This rich snippet or featured snippet provides users with a short description of the search term with a webpage with it.

Intensify on your Meta-descriptions:

In search engine rankings, meta descriptions are indeed significant and play a crucial part in the results pages. We make users click on your website and draw them to your web page via the search engine results pages ( SERPs).

Tips to remember:

  • Ensure all the Meta-descriptions are effectively persuasive.
  • Keep in mind the limit of 160 characters.
  • Hold back using non-alphabetic quotes.
  • Avoid using duplicate meta-descriptions.
  • Write to make them easier for users to understand.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing.

Optimized H1 Tags:

The H1 tag is the title of the website, classified as a header tag. You will use the keyword term on the page on which you want traffic driven and not more than once can be included on the H1 tag.

In some pieces, the H2 or H3 tag must be used. You can guide you to the appropriate path and assist you in positioning your website on searchable engines if you have a partner with an expert SEO agency.

Developing fresh content with targeted keywords:

The heart of your web is your content. Make sure that you build original and exclusive content for your website with relevant words.

Tips to remember:

  • Google disagrees with keyword stuffing; using the keywords 3-4 times according to the document duration.
  • Establish internal and external website links. External links (linking your web page to your social networking accounts and vice versa) generate your brand traffic and external ties.
  • Google determines how prominent and highly promoted your brand is on the internet platform (the use of links to other reputable and similar websites on your website and certain links on your website that are important for your business).
  • Create original content for all outlets of social media, news releases, forums, guest posts, etc. Do not copy and paste it, because you would receive identical content from Google which will penalize you for duplicacy.

Giving Images Alt-Tags:

The image name is attributed to an ‘alt tag.’ A suitable alt tag is used on images for the search engine to access what the image classifies too.

Enter your focus keyword but don’t overload it either in the image description. Remain always SEO compatible with your image file names.

Tips to remember:

  • Name your images to offer an insight into the context of the image.
  • Do not use underscores, choose hyphens throughout words.
  • Withdraw applying no- alphabetic characters.

Optimize to meet user readability:

Your content must be user-friendly, which allows users to read it easily and can conveniently understand them. But also don’t finish up cluttering it extremely. Guarantee that your user feels your website is meaningful, clean, professional, and comfortable.

Tips to remember:

  • Keep the paragraphs small, it will lose the interest of the reader over 2-3 lines otherwise.
  • Use bullet points to segregate the contents.
  • Be sure that you don’t use content with several layout points.
  • If you use bullet points, keep them aligned on your website.

Better keyword research:

The title tag describes the SERP page and shows the search engine what it means. The keyword you are searching for will apply to your article.

The search engine instead displays the user-searched keywords or phrases. It in effect improves the website exposure and therefore the CTR (click-through rate).

Tips to remember:

  • Don’t try to copy-paste title tags.s
  • Limit your title tag to 55 characters max.
  • Write the title tag in the same format below :

Main Long Tail Keyword> Your brand>Geo Location.

Internal linking:

Ensure you have provided links to another page on your website that your users would land on. It is important as it improves keywords on the webpage internally and encourages users to navigate through the web. This proves that the keyword for your website is appropriate for the search engine.

Tips to remember: 

  • Select a keyword for your website that is appropriate for the search engine.
  • Provide an actual link rather than using just ‘Click Here.

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