Digital Marketing Strategies For Startups 2023

Digital Marketing

E-commerce and startups have revolutionized the outlook of how one executes various digital marketing strategies for startups in this innovative digital era and vice-versa. A new start-up is born every hour all over the world but what do these new world leaders consider as the: Biggest secret behind their successful venture?

Is it the overflow of finance or is it the efficiency of the top management? Yes, considering these factors as the major determinants but according to many leaders: The secret ingredient in the recipe of the success of a startup lies in its Marketing.

For example, In an interview, Jeff Bezos, owner of the biggest startup in the world said that: My startup’s true value was created by unique Marketing strategies and will go on by the means of Digital Marketing.

Therefore, focusing on building, maintaining, and growing the individual identity of a startup is only possible through the means of creating value by following digital marketing strategies for startups. The customer of today is only willing to try the new products if he has heard about them on the social media platforms he uses daily. The future lies in digitized platforms.

For Example: In lockdown itself, India added more than 2 million social media users every day. On average, a teenager spends more than 6 hours on these platforms, surfing through every new possibility or trend that comes into the digital platform.

So, it is imperative that the startups now have a strategy mix of traditional marketing techniques and revise them regularly.

Some of the ideas and types are given below:

Types of Digital marketing strategies for startups:

Since the advent of digital marketing the following strategies have remained and are now considered perennial, showing tremendous results:

Take the example of Cure Fit. The cult life follows a set of best marketing strategies for startups and has seen a 90% jump in its total revenue. They have been able to do this by providing users with various services as well as products by channeling the core goals or objectives of their organization i.e. fitness.

Common Types of Digital marketing techniques:

Digital Marketing Techniques

1. Email Marketing:

Email marketing is the very basic form of marketing with the most effective Return i.e. more than 50% since mails were set up decades ago. Reaching out to the customers via mail has been continuing since then. But the marketing strategy nowadays has shifted towards sharing topical engaging content via mail as well. Email marketing is now used by brands majorly for promotional purposes like providing discount details, birthday pop-ups, beta version testing, feedback, etc.

2. Social Media Marketing:

SMM and Digital marketing are sometimes used interchangeably, but they are completely different. SMM is a branch of digital marketing that focuses on media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked In, etc although startups are already internet-based they are present all over the media platforms as well.

The adoption of Influencer marketing has taken a turn and turned out to be the best marketing strategy for startups as well. Marketing through such platforms is extremely affordable and builds a precious brand’s value in the eyes of its target audience. Therefore every startup must have their preferred set of chosen social media platforms where they are active, following the trend, regularly interacting with the customer, and maintaining the topical buzz.

3. Search Engine Optimization:

SEM and PPC are the two hands of digital marketing that can never go out of fashion producing tremendous results ever since their launch.
Search Engine Optimization for a startup company refers to creating and catering to the already existing e-customer base surfing through their sites every day and bouncing.

4. Pay-per-Click:

Pay-per-click on the official website is a way of earning money through website traffic generation based on visits received through online advertising clicks.

For a startup: High Search Rankings are the performance marketing strategy in determining their presence in the e-commerce market.

5. Content Marketing:

‘Content is king’. It can drive traffic like no other. There are many forms of content marketing for example Company’s Official website, blog posts, marketing campaigns, Articles, News reports, Investor guides, etc.

If we go by the stats more than 80% of the startups rely on content marketing for example Tinder, Rapido, Nykaa, Myntra, HubSpot, and many more. These brands are creating tremendous content every day not just for marketing but also to establish the brand’s identity, listing out the uses, advantages, and disadvantages, telling the trends, and setting some as well.

Bring Something Different To Our Marketing Plate:

Apart from following the traditional techniques, the new age demands something new every day. So, what is something new that your startup is helping civilized society with every day?
So, it’s time to take the lead and get inspired by the following types of digital marketing strategies:

  • Positive feedback and Word-of-mouth can do wonders for a brand’s reputation in the market. More than 95%of the consumers rely on another consumer’s feedback, referrals, and experience. So, ever wondered what’s the secret behind Urban Company or Amazon? Yes, you got that right!
  • Ever thought of releasing a challenge, no I’m Not talking about the tick-tock challenge but a campaign. For example, Zomato once launched a campaign where customers had to upload the secret recipe of their favorite food and challenge their friends and family, which gained huge popularity and the campaign was a success!
  • Fighting for a cause, the world is facing issues like never before, and therefore 81% of consumers now believe in sustainable brands than ever. Take the example: Of Paytm tying up with the Indian government for the Donation Drives supporting COVID-19 patients, disaster in UP, etc.
  • Tying up with a brand: To remain in the buzz and gain collaborative popularity, startups can always collaborate with one another and run simultaneous campaigns. For example, KitKat released a marketing campaign with Android and went viral on Instagram.


‘Marketing is all that we see about the brand’ and as important is the product, Digital Marketing is the means through which it reaches us and creates an impact. Various types of digital marketing strategies are developed by brands for their audience to bond with them.

“Managing and maintaining one’s PR is the key.”

Today one cannot just rely upon the traditional method of digital marketing strategies for startups. The need is to have an extensive strategy of the combined digital marketing techniques for startups that a brand follows and sees feedback of. Perfect execution of such plans and timely revisions of such parameters is the need of the hour. Because: the thing that worked yesterday, I might not work today.

Brands follow various trending social media topics and execute digital marketing strategies for startups through which they create a sense of belonging with their users. And ever wondered what could be the cherry on the top: Following the trends and doing something different now and then for YOU!!!

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