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Find a team of digital marketers you can rely on. We build trust through communication, transparency, and results.

Vishnu Prasad

Digital Marketing Head 

Hey there! 👋 Meet Vishnu Prasad, the captain of our digital ship at Vihaan Digitals. With a passion for marketing magic, he's here to elevate your brand to new heights!

Ankita Mishra

Digital Marketing Team Lead

Dynamic Digital Marketer. Transformative strategist, content wizard, and team leader with a passion for crafting compelling narratives that elevate brands.

Anji Reddy

Business Data Analyst

Business Data Analyst


Web Development & SEO TL 

Web Development & SEO TL 


Sr. Web Developer

Step into the digital realm with me, Turning visions into pixels with my web designing and developing skills🌐 Crafting websites like art.


Web Developer

Web Developer

Vasanth Kumar

PPC Associate

PPC Associate

Mahesh Yadav

PPC Expert

3 years in Sales & Marketing, 5+ years Digital Marketing expertise. Pro in Paid Ads: Google, Meta, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more


PPC Analyst

Jagadeesh, our PPC maestro at Vihaan Digitals, turns clicks into conversions with a sprinkle of expertise. Ready to elevate your online game! 💻🚀


Digital Marketing Coordinator

Meet Adi, our Digital Marketing Maestro at Vihaan Digitals. 🚀 Passionate about crafting compelling campaigns to elevate your brand. Let's turn clicks into conversions!


SEO Analyst

I am Swapna SEO Analyst & YouTube Influencer. Crafting digital success with insights and innovation. Let's elevate your online journey.


SEO Executive

With a flair for optimizing digital realms, Sahithya crafts strategies to elevate your online presence. Ready to make waves in the SEO sea!


SEO Analyst

Hey there! Meet Shravani, our SEO guru at Vihaan Digitals! Passionate about optimizing your digital journey. Let's soar to new heights together! 🌐 #VihaanDigitals #SEOExpert

Sai Charan

SEO Executive

Planting seeds of growth in the digital garden. Blossoming expertise to elevate your online presence!


SEO Executive

Hey there! 🚀 Meet Santosh, the SEO maestro at Vihaan Digitals. Passionate about making your digital dreams soar! Let's elevate your online presence together.

Poulami Biswas

Social Media Executive

Hey there! I'm Poulami, A social media executive with 2+ years of experience in Hyderabad.


SMM Executive

Hello everyone! I'm Sravani, the Social Media Executive at Vihaan Digitals. I create connections and start conversations through my posts!


Digital Marketing Executive

Hi, I'm Kiran! 🌟 Your go-to Social Media Maestro at Vihaan Digitals. Crafting compelling narratives and igniting engagement one post at a time!


Social Media Analyst

Your social media maestro at Vihaan Digitals! Crafting engaging stories and sparking conversations to amplify your brand's digital heartbeat.


SMM Intern

Hey, it's Sushrithi! Sprinkling creativity as a Social Media Intern at Vihaan Digitals. Crafting engaging content to amplify your brand's digital vibes!


Business Development Associate

Meet Nagaraj, our go-getter Business Development Associate at Vihaan Digitals. Connecting dreams with digital solutions, Nagaraj is your friendly guide to growth!


Sr. Graphic Designer

Sr. Graphic Designer

Kiran D

Graphic Designer

I'm Kiran, a versatile graphic designer fueled by a relentless passion for turning concepts into captivating visual experiences. Armed with a diverse skill set that spans from print to digital design, I specialize in translating ideas into eye-catching designs that resonate with target audiences.

Rohith Gaud

Graphic Designer

A passionate graphic designer weaving creativity into every pixel. I aim to bring your vision to life with stunning designs


Graphic Designer

I'm Lucky, a dedicated graphic designer on a mission to transform imagination into innovation. Armed with a palette of creativity and a toolkit of design expertise, I craft visual stories that resonate and inspire.

Radha Mukesh

Graphic Designer & Video Editor

Meet Radha Mukesh, the creative maestro behind the lens at Vihaan Digitals! 🎬 With a flair for storytelling through visuals, Radha transforms moments into cinematic magic. Lights, camera, Radha in action!

Sri Ram

Video Editor

Hey there, it's Sri Ram! 🎥✨ At Vihaan Digitals, I craft visual tales that captivate. As your video maestro, let's bring your brand to life! Lights, camera, Vihaan action!

Rheea Kaul

Content Writer

Weaving words into captivating tales. with a pen in my hand and creativity in my heart, I breathe life into every story.


Copy Writer

Meet Kashish, our wordsmith at Vihaan Digitals! 📝 Crafting compelling narratives and turning ideas into magic. She's all about making your brand story shine! ✨ #VihaanDigitals #CopywritingCharm


Content Writer

Meet Tejaswini, the creative force at Vihaan Digitals! 🌟 Crafting compelling content that captivates and converts. Your brand story just found its wordsmith! ✍️


Content Writer

Meet Kimaya, our wordsmith extraordinaire at Vihaan Digitals! 📝 Crafting compelling content that speaks volumes. Kimaya turns ideas into stories that resonate.

Harsha Vardhini

Sales Executive

Harsha Vardhini at Vihaan Digital, your go-to sales maven! Crafting deals that resonate. Ready to elevate your experience with unmatched service!

Shoba Rani

Sales Executive

As a Sales Executive, I thrive on turning your digital dreams into reality! Let's make your brand shine.

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